25 januari 2019

17-21 nov: Trade mission to Pakistan

November 17-21: Trademission to Pakistan

Did you know that Pakistan is the fifth largest world of the country in terms of population size? And that the social middle class is soon expected to be bigger than in the United Kingdom? Do you have the products, technologies or the knowledge to raise the agricultural production in Pakistan to a higher level? Then join us with the trade mission to the dynamic province of Punjab from November 17 to November 21.

The goal of this mission is to promote Dutch expertise in Punjab in the field of sustainable intensive food production and processing and in the field of the dairy sector. The focus will be on the following promising sectors:

  • Agriculture and horticulture from especially potatoes, unions, vegetables and citrus (Knowledge, seeds, seed potatoes, technology, cooling systems, storage and postharvest)
  • Dairy (knowledge and equipment)

The mission
The whole value chain of the Pakistani market offers many possibilities for Dutch companies active in the agricultural sector. The country has a young population who spend a lot of money on food, no less than 40% of the disposable income. Agriculture is a very important sector in the country, but the productivity is low. In addition, due to defective infrastructure and storage, a lot of harvest is lost.

Lack of water is a big problem. That is why knowledge and equipment to increase water efficiency are much needed. Besides, there is a big demand in Pakistan for processing equipment. The Netherlands is well known for this in Pakistan. The sales of packed food rises annually with an average of 15%. Pakistan is the third largest dairy producer of the world.

Province of Punjab
The most agricultural activities do take place in the province of Punjab. Recently, a market report has been published with the opportunities of the agricultural sector and the opportunities of the horticultural sector. In addition, a market report about the dairy sector has been published. There reports are partly the reason for organising this trade mission. You can always contact us if you would like to have the market reports.

Participation offers you a good occasion to make business contacts and to expand or set up your network in Pakistan.

During this mission, the focus will primarily be on the following sectors:

Provisional program for the agricultural trade mission to Pakistan.

Day                                 Activity
November 17                 Arrival at Lahore
Welcoming diner
Presentations agricultural sector
Seminar ‘Pakistani-Dutch agriculture and dairy knowledge sharing’

November 18-21           Visit the companies, governmental parties and the matchmaking event in the region
Network reception

November 21/22          Return trip to the Netherlands or further individual follow-up

Sign up for participating at this trade mission. This is possible until October 1. The maximum amount of participants is 15. For more information regarding participation costs, etc. please contact the NEC.

More information
Do you have any questions? Please contact Sabrina Pauwels, Netherlands Export combination (NEC) T: +31 (0)33 433 1031, E: sabrina@nec.nl