Export advice

The NEC advises in international business processes and assists entrepreneurs in their export approach. The NEC also implements various subsidy projects for the Dutch government. These services are available to companies that are registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, the NEC also advises foreign companies wishing to enter the Dutch market or wanting to become more involved in the market.

Since its initiation, the NEC has administered the “Starters International Business” (SIB) export subsidy. This subsidy was established by the RVO for starting exporters or exporters who wish to enter a new market. The NEC has been designated as administrators of this initiative because of its substantial experience in international business. NEC consultants have conducted over 200 SIB projects in various sectors. This settlement is available once and free of charge for Dutch merchants.

As part of the SIB subsidy, Dutch companies may request a mission voucher which is made available by the RVO. This voucher has a maximum value of € 1,500 excl. VAT and can be used as a discount for participation in a collective trade mission or trade show. The voucher can be used for participation in trade missions and trade shows that are organised by the NEC. A voucher may be requested once per year, per company. This subsidy initiative has an annual limit, so: first come first serve.

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The NEC may also offer advice pertaining to other sources of funding such as Partners for International Business (PIB) and the subsidy regulation for demonstration projects, feasibility studies and preparatory studies for investments (DHI).

4 Export Plan
You do not qualify for an export subsidy but would like individual advice for your international plans? The NEC has developed a 4-step plan that allows you to enter the Dutch or international market which is called `the 4 Export Plan`!

The 4 steps are as follows: market research, partner selection, visiting the market, follow-up. The plan provides a structured yet practical approach to finding and interpreting market information and finding and selecting suitable buyers, such as agents, distributors and partners.
During this process, the following questions will be answered:
• How do I enter a particular market?
• Who are the most important contacts for me in the sector?
• What are the trends and developments in my sector in this region?
• Which potential partners are there in the market?
• Are intermediaries or end customers in the region interested in my product?
• Is there a party interested in bringing my products to the market?

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Please read below for more information regarding the 4 steps:

The first step is market research. This can consist of a comparison of countries or a specific agricultural and market analysis. A strategy for entering the market in a particular country will be established. In conducting this research, the NEC makes active use of its international network such as local network partners, local branch organisations, local governments, and others. The research results are reported and discussed. If desired, a concrete action plan for the following step(s) will also be prepared.

As second step, a profile of the potential partner(s) will be created. This profile is then used by the NEC in actively creating a long list of potential customers, business contacts, partnership firms and so on. Together, the long list is reviewed and a shortlist is created of selected companies that meet the profile best.

The companies on the short list (from step 2) will be actively approached in step 3 through the channels appropriate to the specific country. Discussions with interested companies will be further developed and visits brought to the market in question. The visit is performed solely by the NEC or jointly with the Dutch party.
Interested companies are sought out during the visit. After the trip, the discussions are evaluated and a strategy determined that ultimately will lead to the appointment of the agent or distributor or the signing of a sales contract with an end consumer. The NEC then, in mutual agreement, develops the contracts which thereafter can be signed.

As a final step, measures are taken to ensure that the appointed partner is actively working for you and will continue to do so. Actions may also be carried out relating to the internal organisation, certifications, promotional materials, translations, pricing structure, payment terms, delivery terms, quotes, specifications, adaptations, keeping the distributor on his/her toes, and similar.