Trade missions

The NEC organises trade missions to promote international trade. For the planning and organisation of a trade mission, the NEC frequently works in collaboration with or on behalf of the Dutch government, the leading Dutch top sectors and foreign governments. The NEC also often co-operates with branch organisations, local parties, embassies, provinces and municipalities.

An overview of the various missions organised by the NEC is listed below:

A delegation of foreign companies collectively visits the Dutch market. The mission is a good opportunity to strengthen ties between the countries. Dutch companies and organisations can come into contact with the delegation members of interest during the mission. These missions take place within a given sector or within a specific business aspect. An overview of the type of missions that the NEC has already organised:
– An incoming mission for female entrepreneurs
– An incoming mission for a delegation from the potato sector
– An incoming mission for a delegation from the livestock and horticulture sector
– An incoming mission for sustainable businesses

If your organisation would like to organise a trade mission or an informative visit to the Netherlands, please contact us for more information about the possibilities.

A delegation of Dutch companies will collectively visit a foreign market. Both a collective and an individual programme is organised. The collective programme often includes business or project visits within a specific sector, store checks, presentations and networking opportunities. The individual programme may include matchmaking meetings with potential partners, company visits and visits to selected shops.

A delegation of companies or organisations in a specific sector collectively visit a particular market. Participants in this mission want to become acquainted with a new market. The programme is based on the profiles of the participating companies and the visits are often done as a group. During this mission, you will receive answers to the following questions:
• Is this an interesting market for me?
• Does my product fit the needs of the market?
• What are the differences in cultures I’ll need to keep in mind?
• Who are the largest players in the market?
• What opportunities are there for the future?

A delegation of companies from a specific sector or a number of sectors collectively visit a particular market. Participants in this mission are companies that already have some knowledge of the market and who want to come into contact with the main players in the market. The major part of the program consists of individual appointments. The appointments will be scheduled after an extensive intake regarding your ambitions in this market. There are also a number of components that are part of the collective program. During this mission, you will receive answers to the following questions:
• What are the key distribution channels in this market?
• Which important competitors are active here?
• Who are the most important customers in this market?
• Are the parties in this market interested in my product?
• What are the possible ways and best strategy to employ to enter this market with my product?
• What agents or distributors are present and which of these are of interest to me?
Dutch companies may be eligible for a grant from the Dutch government for participating in these missions.

The Netherlands Export Combination organised a trade mission for the Horticultural sector to Chili in march 2019. This was done in collaboration with the Chamber of Commerce Chili-Netherlands and the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Chili. The delegation consisted of ten companies which offered among others solutions for greenhouse building, water storage, agri software, peatmoss and substrates.

Seminar Horticultuur in Chili en kansen op de Chileense markt

The first day of the trade mission started with a seminar Horticulture in Chile and chances in Chilean market. During the seminar Francisco Rossier of Transforma Alimentos revealed only 2% of all cultivation is done in greenhouses and also that 84% of horticulture in Chile is concentrated in the centre of the country. Furthermore, Imre Overeem from Koppert Biological Systems and Alejandra Arenas from Rijk Zwaan explained that most Chilean people show risk-avoiding behaviour and usually do not apply the latest technologies right away in their greenhouses. The second part of the day, the delegation visited different organizations and companies. At the meeting with the Frauenhofer institute it became clear that recently more horticultural developments are taking place in the region of Arica, near the border with Peru.

The second day revolved around field visits. Especially the visit to Grupo Hijuelas was valuable for the Dutch companies, as it give a good idea of the Chilean products and working methods. Grupo Hijuelas begun with the production of ornamental plants, but nowadays it has grown and diversified into different areas and services. Among other products it now supplies blueberries and hazelnuts.

Visiting Grupo Hijuelas

The last two days of the mission were planned for the individual matchmaking. Every Dutch company met with about 10 Chilean growers to discuss the possibilities for working together. The Dutch were very positive about the quality of the matches and the first results it generated. One of the participants was asked to make quotations for almost all Chilean growers!

The trade mission was a success, many new contacts were established and follow up is expected. More than half of the participants is already planning a second visit to Chile, probably still in 2019.

We from the NEC would like to thank all participating companies and cooperation partners. For more questions about the follow-up mission or the developments in Chile please contact Steven Smit.


The Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) is assigned, by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) to organize an incoming trade mission / study visit from Georgia to the Netherlands in the agricultural and horticultural sector from 12 to 15 March 2019.

I expected to see high standards and high quality agro sector companies and that was what I gained: new vision, new experiences and great people” – quote of one of the participants. One of the comments of the participants reflex the purpose of this trade mission/study visit exactly.
The delegation consisted of 15 agricultural managers of Agroservice. Each member owns his own agricultural company in Georgia. All of them are member of the collective Agroservice. In total Agroservice consists of about 60 farmers and consultants. The collective distributes among others products & machines in Georgia and provide advice to local farmers.

Georgia is a country with great potential, from tourism to the agro- and horticultural sector. This trade mission/study visit focused on the increase of knowledge in the agro- and horticultural sector. This knowledge is needed to increase the quality of products in Georgia to meet the requirements for export to the European market.

This vision is also for the participants a goal to realize in the future. “I wish Georgia to be as developed as is the Netherlands” – quote of one of the participants.

The delegation was amazed and impressed with the quality of products and materials and collected as much as knowledge and information. This resulted in good discussions among the participants.

During the week in the Netherlands the delegation visited mainly production companies and suppliers. Moreover, the delegation received a presentation at the ministry of agricultural about the Dutch agricultural sector. Also, the delegation was invited at the embassy by the Georgian ambassador. The ambassador has recently taken office in The Hague and is willing to support the Georgian farmers on increasing the quality.

Based on the wishes of the delegation the field visits were selected for the relevant sectors, which resulted into a varied program and considered informative by the delegation. The program consisted of visits to companies specialized in: building greenhouses, greenhouse technologies, machinery for sorting/packing/cooling/storing of vegetables and fruit, potatoes and agricultural machinery.

It is good to notice that the participants set goals for the future based on the experience of this trade mission/study visit. “I obtained lot of useful information during the visits that I will use in my future plans” – quote of one of the participants.

In case you have any questions and/or comments in regards to this trade mission/study visit, please contact Sabrina Pauwels by mail or by phone +31 (0)33-4330131.

The Netherlands Export Combination and AgriProFocus Uganda organized a trade mission for the Agro sector commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and the Netherlands Embassy in Uganda for the second year straight. The mission was a success! Not only do the Dutch companies have a better view of the market developments in the Ugandan agricultural sector, but above all these companies gained valuable contacts and business partners for setting up export.

The mission took place from 13 to 17 February and revolved around participation in the Harvest Money Expo with a Holland Village. Fourteen Dutch companies and 15 Dutch-Ugandan companies active in dairy, poultry, horticulture and storage were present.
The Holland Village further complement with farmers from the Best Farmer Competition 2018, a program initiated by the Netherlands embassy in Kampala.

Opening Holland Village by ambassador Henk Jan Bakker

Two days prior to the Harvest Money Expo the Dutch companies visited several farms throughout Uganda. The Dairy group went to Visit Mbarara in South West Uganda which is known as a cattle/dairy region. Upon arrival the group was informed about the developments in the sector by SNV. Hereafter the group visited a farm and spoke with potential business partners on dairy installations and breeding programs. The poultry group met with a some large owners of chicken farms around Kampala. These farms just as the entire poultry sector is growing rapidly, and the Dutch companies know how to assist in the professionalization process. De remaining Horticultural and gricultural companies visited some interesting growers in the region of Entebbe.

Chore-Time explaining types of poultry equipment                                                 

The last three days of the mission were entirely dedicated to the Holland Village during the Harvest Money Expo. The Harvest Money Expo received double the amount of visitors compared with last year, reaching a total of 27.374 visitors. Also in the Holland Village there was a constant flow of traffic more than last year. According to exhibitor Holland Greentech this was partly due to the set-up of the Holland Village. Exhibitor eProd Solutions already had more visitors the first day in comparison to the entire three days last year.

Vice-president of Uganda Edward Ssekandi stopping by

De Holland Village not only attracted a lot of visitors, but above all created new chances for the exhibitors. This was stimulated by the matchmaking that was organized during the Expo. Besides that the participants had the opportinuty to present themselves and the company during the masterclasses. As a result, new ideas were exchanged with possible new business partners to further develop the Uganda agriculture with the assistance of Dutch companies.

A lot of visitors in the Holland Village during the three day Expo

Overall we look back on a successful trade mission. We hereby thank all participating companies and partners. For questions regarding this trade mission or any other relating matter you could contact Joost van Dam or Steven Smit.

From 29th October until 2nd November 2018 the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) in partnership with Capacity Africa organised a trade mission for a Kenyan agro delegation to visit the Netherlands. The delegation consisted of 16 persons, whom both make policy and are farmers themselves in Kenya. The mission was a great success, during which the delegation got a good impression of the potential of the Dutch agro sector and what the Netherlands can offer them.

Among other things the Kenyan delegation came to the Netherlands to learn more about ways to improve their local production processes as well as finding out how they could enter the European market. To answer these questions, the NEC organised various business visits as well as a meeting at the Ministry of Agriculture in The Hague. The delegation was very impressed by the Dutch quality and efficiency in the agro sector demonstrated to them during the field visits. After the trade mission the delegation left with a lot of information and ideas to process. We look forward to see the first results of the mission.

Would you like to receive further information about this trade mission or its delegation? Please get in contact with us via of +31 (0)33 433 0131.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

The NEC-team.

From 25th to 29th September, a delegation from the horticulture sector from Sri Lanka came to the Netherlands. This trade mission was carried out by the Dutch Export Combination on behalf of the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO).


The Sri Lankan delegation consisted of 5 companies from the fruit & vegetables sector, 12 companies from the floriculture sector and 2 government representatives. They came to the Netherlands to gain more knowledge about new technologies and innovations inside the Dutch horticultural sector and to find possible partners for future businesses . For example, they were looking for importers of vegetables & fruits or flowers & plants to introduce the Sri Lankan products to the Dutch market.


The week consisted of various elements, such as company visits, individual matchmaking appointments, attending a number of seminars and an evening reception at the ambassador of Sri Lanka in the Netherlands. For the organization of this mission, the NEC cooperated with Bureau Leeters. Bureau Leeters has carried out a study commissioned by the Dutch government to map out the opportunities for Dutch parties in the horticulture sector. A presentation about the report for Dutch companies was part of the mission. Many Dutch companies showed interest in the seminar and matchmaking and both new and existing contacts were met. We look back on a successful trade mission that has further strengthened the relationship between the Netherlands and Sri Lanka in the horticultural sector.


Incoming Sri Lanka MissionNumbers
Delegation25 persons
Total Appointments and visits with Dutch companies15 visits
Matchmaking meetings25 Dutch companies

The Dutch Export Combination in cooperation with the Dutch embassy in Colombo has organized a  outgoing trade mission for a delegation from the dairy sector in Sri Lanka, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). The Dutch delegation consisted of fourteen different companies which are active in the poultry and the dairy sector. The Dutch delegation was in Sri Lanka from the 27th of November until the 1st of December 2016.


The mission was set up because of the new chances within these sectors in Sri Lanka for Dutch companies. The mission started with a seminar and individual matchmaking Appointments. More than 150 Sri Lankan attendees took part at the individual matchmaking. During an investment session and project visits, further opportunities for cooperation between the Dutch and the Sri Lankan side were investigated.


For more questions or information about this mission, please contact Mr. Joost van Dam.

The Dutch Export Combination has organized a trade mission for a delegation from the dairy sector in Sri Lanka, commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (Rijksdienst voor Ondernemend Nederland). The delegation was in The Netherlands from the 24th until the 28th of October.


The delegation consisted of the minister of Rural Economic Affairs and Livestock Development from Sri Lanka, the Dutch Ambassador originated in Colombo, two high officials ( National Livestock Development Board, representatives from the Ministry of Rural Economic Affairs and Livestock Development)

The delegation came to The Netherlands to enhance their knowledge about new technologies and innovations around the Dutch dairy sector , to be informed about educations & training possibilities and to find possible new trade partners to work with in the future. The delegation members were looking for parties which are active in the area of genetics, investments , feeding supplies for cows , knowledge about farm management and various processing machines to create cheese and yoghurt.


The week in The Netherlands consisted of diverse elements, such as company visits , individual matchmaking appointments , attending the dairy seminar , a network reception and having dinner at the residence of the Sri Lankan ambassador originated in The Hague. When  organising this mission the NEC worked closely together with the Dutch embassy located in Colombo. A total of 32 companies applied for the seminar and matchmaking event. This resulted in 16 rounds of each fifteen minutes of valuable conversations between the Dutch and Sri Lankan companies. The Dutch side were very much interested in these events which resulted in meeting new potential and existing trade partners. The event has been experienced as very pleasant and positive for both sides and is seen as a start to set foot in Sri Lanka. We look back on a successful trade mission that has further strengthened the relationship between the Netherlands and Sri Lanka in the dairy sector.

Incoming Sri Lanka MissionAmount
Total delegation21 persons
Total Appointments and visits with Dutch companies14 visits
Matchmaking meetings25 dutch companies

Commissioned by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO), the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) organised, in cooperation with the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Colombo, Sri Lanka, from 17th-24th June an incoming trade mission from Sri Lanka. Thirteen veterinarians, five representatives from layer farmers and five representatives from broiler farmers visited the Netherlands. The mission was meant to let the Sri Lankan delegation get to know more about the Dutch technologies available and used here as well as getting in contact with major Dutch companies within the poultry sector. Several company visits, a business to business matchmaking event and a visit to the VIV Europe fair made this possible.


Seminar & Business Matchmaking
During a specially organised seminar (which also included a business to business matchmaking) at the Poultry museum in Barneveld, the Netherlands, Dutch companies got informed on the current situation and the development of the Sri Lankan poultry sector. After the seminar there was the possibility to meet the Sri Lankan delegation one-on-one. The delegation received an informative tour through the poultry museum. This day turned out to be very successful for all parties involved!



VIV Europe fair
Both the company as the veterinarian delegation visited, after having done several company visits and training sessions, the VIV Europe 2018 fair in Utrecht. The delegation visited the fair multiple days. On Friday only five members of the company delegation went to the VIV Europe fair, where they were interviewed by VIV Worldwide journalist Peter Best, which resulted in very interesting conversations. This interview can be reviewed on the VIV Worldwide website. Both the organised program as well as the VIV Europe visit were very well received by the entire delegation, where they got to meet and get in contact with many interesting company representatives.



Would you like to obtain further information on this incoming trade mission? Please do not hesitate to get in touch with Mr. Joost van Dam.

The Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) was appointed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency and the Dutch Embassy in Amman to organize the incoming visit of a Jordan representative to the Netherlands.

In two weeks he visited 39 companies and 6 branch organizations from the sectors chemistry (cosmetics, chemicals, plastics and printing and design), wooden furniture and electronics and engineering.

During the appointments the possibilities in the Jordan market and the interest for a possible trade mission to Jordan were discussed.




The consultant represented a total of 71 Jordanian companies from the sectors mentioned above. Every Dutch company had the opportunity to discuss the opportunities in Jordan, to discuss the possibilities for a future cooperation and to ask further questions.

After meeting all the companies and branch organizations, it can be concluded that almost all companies were open for a possible cooperation with Jordan companies. Mainly companies from the sectors plastics, wooden furniture, design and printing and signing showed a noteworthy interest in the Jordanian market. Also, the companies reacted enthusiastic about a possible trade mission to Jordan in October.

Both the Netherlands Export Combination (NEC) and the Jordan representative are able to look back on highly successful meetings that can contribute to the business relation with Jordan.


For further information or questions, please contact Wendy Bakker or Sylvia van der Horst.


logo macro meats

A successful visit
The Australian company ‘Macro Meats’ visited the Netherlands on the 16th and 17th of February to explore the meat sector in the Netherlands and to discuss possibilities for future cooperation. Macro Meats is located in South Australia and is active in kangaroo meat for consumption. The NEC was responsible for all appointments during his visit in the Netherlands. Several businesses have been visited, including wholesalers, manufacturers, distributors and importers from the meat industry.


Mr. Anton Martynenko – Macro Meats:
“We have had a very positive experience working with the Netherlands Export Combination which managed to organize 6 business meetings for us with the interested Dutch companies within a very short period of time and at short notice. Apart from the general consulting and business-matching NEC provided us with the driving and interpretation services in Netherlands which helped us to obtain market intelligence and explore business opportunities for our company on the Dutch market. We would strongly recommend potential importers and exporters to Holland to use NEC’s professional services to develop business with the Dutch companies. Anton Martynenko, Export Manager for Macro Meats, supplier of the premium kangaroo meat products to the European market.”

Foto product Macro Meats

In January 2017 a high level delegation from Ethiopian and Djibouti government officials the Netherlands to enhance cooperation in agro logistics.

The delegation came at the invitation of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in close cooperation with the Dutch Flying Swans consortium.

The mission from Ethiopian and Djibouti officials, including the Ethiopian Minister of Transport and the Djibouti Minister of Transport & Equipment, visited the Netherlands to discuss cooperation and investment possibilities in agro logistics.

The NEC has been appointed by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to arrange all logistics during the program. NEC cooperated closely with the Dutch Embassy in Addis Ababa.

2017Incoming missionJordanMultisectoral
2017Outgoing missionSenegalOil&gas, maritime
2017Outgoing missionIranFood
2017Outgoing missionZambiaAgriculture
2017Outgoing missionGermanyMultisectoral
2017Outgoing missionSenegalMultisectoral
2017Incoming missionEthiopia/DjiboutiAgri logistics

The Netherlands Export Combination has organized a study visit for representatives from the Lebanese private and public dairy sector.

This visit is organized in cooperation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency, and took place from the 24th until the 28th of October.

foto-voor-terugblik-website-1 foto-voor-terugblik-website-2

The delegation visited the Netherlands to see and learn more about the Dutch market. Also the delegation was very eager to learn more about the best way to feed the cattle, the production of animal food, the way to strengthen their market position in the dairy sector, the milk collection, the genetics, the hygiene and the quality of milk production. The study visit inspired the delegation to develop their companies to a higher level.


For further information or questions, please contact Mr Joost van Dam

2016Outgoing missionSri LankaAgriculture
2016Incoming missionLebanonDairy
2016Outgoing missionAustraliaMultisectoral
2016Incoming missionWorldwideCorporate Social Responsibility
2016Outgoing missionBelgiumCreative
2016Incoming missionSri LankaHorticulture
2016Outgoing missionIranHorticulture
2016Outgoing missionBelgiumVision, robotics
2016Incoming missionPakistanDairy
2016Incoming missionMENA regionCreative
2016Outgoing missionBelgiumSmart cities
2016Incoming missionVietnamHorticulture
2016Outgoing missionUgandaAgriculture
2016Outgoing missionGermanyMultisectoral
2016Incoming missionBalkanMultisectoral
2016Incoming missionZimbabweMultisectoral


2015Outgoing missionBelgiumInternet of Things
2015Outgoing missionScandinaviaFood
2015Outgoing missionBelgiumHealthy aging
2015Outgoing missionUnited Arab EmiratesConfectionery
2015Incoming missionPolandWater
2015Incoming missionKeniaAgriculture
2015Outgoing missionBelgiumFactory of the future
2015Outgoing missionUnited Arab EmiratesCreative
2015Incoming missionJordanMultisectoral
2015Outgoing missionUnited StatesConfectionery
2015Incoming missionPalestinaMultisectoral
2015Incoming missionPalestinaMultisectoral
2015Outgoing missionAustraliaAgriculture
2015Incoming missionAustraliaHorticulture
2015Incoming missionUgandaAgriculture
2015Outgoing missionKeniaAgriculture
2014Incoming missionUgandaMultisectoral
2014Incoming missionPalestinaMultisectoral
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2014Incoming missionYemenPoultry
2014Outgoing missionDR Congo and ZambiaAgriculture
2013Incoming missionZambiaRoad construction
2013Outgoing missionUnited KingdomMultisectoral
2013Outgoing missionUnited Arab EmiratesConfectionery
2013Outgoing missionTurkeyFood
2013Outgoing missionUnited KingdomMultisectoral
2012Outgoing missionAustraliaHorticulture
2012Outgoing missionCanadaHorticulture
2012Outgoing missionDenmarkBio-Food
2012Outgoing missionUkraineBakery technology
2012Outgoing missionPolandConfectionery
2012Outgoing missionSpainFood
2012Outgoing missionCzech RepublicSustainable building
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